Creme De Cocoa 

What is creme de cocoa? Creme de cocoa is a sweet, light colored syrupy drink or chocolate liqueur, which has a flavor of cocoa and vanilla. The combination of flavors of crème de cocoa is arrived at by a right mixture of extracts of cocoa bean and vanilla orchid. Crème de cocoa exists in two varieties, the dark crème de cocoa and the white crème de cocoa. The difference between the two varieties is the color and the texture of the liqueur. Crème de cocoa is different from ordinary chocolate liqueur as it is much lighter and less sweet than the latter.

Since crème de cocoa is primarily a liqueur, it has alcohol in it. The strength of the alcohol content differs between the makers of each brand of the product. However, the percentage of alcohol in Crème de cocoa is generally found to be between 20-25%, which is around 40-50 proof in the United States. Crème de cocoa can be used to make a variety of drinks and punches. In general, most of the liqueur experts prefer the use of the white crème de cocoa in their recipes. Crème de cocoa is perhaps one of the finest liqueurs available and its vanilla, chocolate combination with a slight mahogany feel is any liqueur connoisseur’s delight.